Networking Newbie’s 1st Connection – Johnny B Truant

Following the holiday weekend, I will be posting my first interview on Networking Newbie!

Connection #1 Johnny B Truant

Who is Johnny?

Johnny B Truant is witty, unprofessional and beautifully random. All of these qualities make for an excellent small business consultant who can assist you in building your website. Lee Stranahan describes Johnny perfectly when he says that Johnny is a “punk rock business consultant.”

What does Johnny do?

Johnny has a program called Zero to Business, a ridiculously simple guide to turning your online business from tech headache to profit center. Amir Anzur (,one of Johnny’s many overjoyed clients happily reported that his website went from blah to BOOM within 48 hours of working with Johnny.

What makes Johnny Special?

Besides the fact that Johnny turns people’s otherwise wasted time and effort into money, he is REAL ! You know that BS vibe you can sense while you watch an infomercial, well Johnny B Truant is BS free. Johnny is your business consultant without the business mask. Johnny doesn’t spend time worrying about whether he is acting professional or not, but rather he spends time making you feel comfortable and making what he is doing for your business understandable.  Johnny teaches you in a way that once he is no longer your consultant you will be capable of creating the magic on your own.

Check out Johnny’s blog. I guarantee that you will be entertained !

( Language not always suitable for children )

Stay tuned for my interview with Johnny!

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