Johnny B. Truant Interview “Punk Rock Business Consultant”

My life has been very unconventional. It is no doubt that I’m attracted to unconventional people and ideas.  To keep that trend going today Johnny B. Truant, “Punk Rock Business Consultant” (Notice the non – traditional title) will be answering a few of my questions.  Johnny went from making literally nothing online to making five figures a month in just nine short months!

Before we talk about how to build traffic for your blog, I’d like to get your opinion on networking. What is the number one biggest do and don’t of networking?

Don’t try so damn hard. It seems like everyone enters into networking with their business cards (virtual or otherwise) in hand and proceeds to “make connections” and “work the room.” Try instead to “network” less and instead make some friends. It’s far more effective that way in my experience.

I am 19 and don’t have a large budget to work with. In your opinion, what are the top three ways to promote your blog for free?

I’ve never paid for promotion, ever. My number one tip is to guest post on popular blogs that are likely to be read by your target audience. Give away your best information in these guest posts. Another good technique is to use Twitter. Just don’t use it like an asshole, which means going out and spamming Twitter with broadcasts about how great you are. Instead, get to know people. Talk about non-business stuff. Then, when you mention a new post, they’re more likely to listen. And lastly, create something really valuable (free reports in PDF format are great) and then give it away on your site in exchange for them joining your mailing list. See a theme here? GIVE STUFF AWAY. Down the road you can take, but give first.

You are an expert on creating personal brands. What is the most valuable piece of advice you can give on how to maintain an effective personal brand. In other words, how can I be awesome?

Don’t try to please everyone. Try to be “the best you that you can be,” and don’t worry if you find yourself thinking that X demographic won’t like it.

Your service Zero to Business ( in seven days) is a step by step guide on how to literally turn your business from Zero to Profitable! Although I am not looking to create profit with my blog, the same principles can be applied to create the traffic I desire. I know that pre – launch is a huge factor that I consciously ignored while creating my blog, but now that I have conducted my first interview, how can I begin to create a “buzz?”

Don’t worry about creating a buzz. Really. Trying to create a buzz is like trying to be cool. People who TRY to be cool never are. Just do your thing and be patient. And keep doing it. And be patient. And keep doing it. And network (as above) to make new friends. And keep doing your thing. And be patient. And follow your gut, adjusting what you’re doing on what seems to move you in the right direction. That’s a non-answer answer, but anybody who tells you how anyone can create a buzz without fail is bullshitting you. You keep at it, and you adjust as you need to.

Thank you Johnny for sharing your expertise !

If you’re interested in excelling your online business, I strongly encourage you to visit Johnny B. Truant’s site at  

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