Seth Godin on Networking

 Seth Godin

  Today I am excited to share with you Networking Newbie’s connection # 2, Seth Godin. Anyone who knows anything about marketing probably knows something ( or everything ) about Seth. Seth Godin has written 12 bestsellers that have been translated into 33 languages .

I got in touch with Seth via e-mail and he shared with me his views on networking. At first, I was startled as he started to explain how networking can be worthless ! Despite the domain of my site, I completely agree. Let’s get critical and take a look at Seth Godin’s opinion on networking.

 When Networking is Worthless !

  • Networking for the sake of networking is useless.
  • It is more valuable to develop lasting relationships with a few people than to have thousands of twitter or facebook followers.
  • “Networking is always important when it’s real and it’s always a useless distraction when it’s fake. What the internet has allowed is an enormous amount of fake networking to take place.”

Real Relationships Matter !

 Seth says we need to ask ourselves “Are there people out there who I would go out of my way for, and who’d go out of their way for me?”

How to Build Real Relationships !

 “The way you get there is by going out of your way for them, and by earning the privilege of one day having that connection be worthwhile.”

For the best in marketing visit Seth Godin’s blog at

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