Moon Loh Mompreneur

Moon Loh

Moon Loh is a Mompreneur in Internet Business and also a Mompreneur Coach in Internet & Network Marketing. Just two years ago, Moon Loh found herself torn between work and family. Today Moon earns a passive income online , while participating fully in the lives of her two daughters.

You run two popular websites and How did the idea to start each of these websites begin?

I started Mompreneur Asia website to provide more information for mothers who would like to work from home. From there they can get more ideas about working from home online, how to get started and how to grow their business. Mompreneur Hub is my low-cost online coaching program in Internet Marketing. Internet Marketing is very important for moms who have an online business. Therefore, I set this platform for them to can gain more knowledge and grow their internet business.

I have friends in countries such as the Philippines and India, where the income per capita is less than 3,500 USD. Would you agree that a passive online income would enable those in low-income countries to overcome this barrier ?

Passive income is great and if it is passive income ONLINE, that will be wonderful. The internet is a very powerful tool where we can do business without barrier of countries.It really doesn’t matter which country you live in. As long as you have a business mindset and are willing to put in effort to grow the online business, you will get the results you want. There is no barriers of country at all and all have an equal chance. I have lots of Filipino and Indian friends who are working together with me. This again proves that the internet has made everything possible and we have no excuse not to make a passive income online.

What are the most crucial things you have done to grow your business ?

Every single marketing technique is important for a business success. However, I would say list building and networking are the two most important elements in online business. Build a quality list that will respond to your message and build good relationships with them. This is what will benefit us in long run.

Do you have a marketing plan and how often do you update that plan ?

 Marketing planning is essential. I have the short-term and long-term planning for every single project. Once I have drafted the plan, I will stick to it and make sure I follow the plan and review it from time to time.

How has networking proven to be beneficial in the success of your two websites ?

Networking is Relationship Marketing. It is not pitching of business and not hard selling. A relationship is when we care about people. People will then start to care about what we have for them. They will try to find out more about us and what we offer them to improve their situation. Therefore Networking is important not only to the success of my two websites above but all my internet business.


No, thank YOU Moon ! It is a relief to know that we can come to you for coaching if we wish to start a business online. We can learn from your time,effort and hard work.Thank you for sharing your valuable experience!

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4 responses to “Moon Loh Mompreneur

  1. Hi Mia! Thanks for your great interview with Moon! Moon is really a very nice person to talk to, a friendly internet marketing mentor who has helped me in my online journey. I’m working with her now, and she’s always there when I asked for help:) I must say she is a model Mompreneur!

    Ding Neng, Singapore

    • Hello Ding,

      I am glad that you enjoyed my interview with Moon. It is great to hear that you are having such a wonderful experience working with her. I will be working with Moon very shortly and am really looking forward to it.

      Mia Salituro

  2. Hi Mia, thanks for the interview.

    Moon is a great “teacher” as well as leader. I’m amazed by her network after I’ve worked with her.

    She has used internet marketing effectively in the network marketing / MLM industry.

    By the way, why Singapore is not your favorite city. so sad….

    • Hello Louis,

      Moon is someone to admire. She decided that she wanted to spend more time with her family, discovered that making a passive online income would allow her to do so and she did it ! I think it is great that she is now teaching others to do just the same.

      I actually lived in Singapore for 4 months in 2009. Singapore is a lovely country and I met so many wonderful people during my stay. I’m sure I’ll be back !

      Mia Salituro

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