Kaushal Shah – SEO & Internet Marketing Expert

Kaushal Shah

Can you introduce yourself and explain what you do for a living ?

Hey there, I am Kaushal Shah from Ahmedabad, India. I am working as an SEO Manager for DatatechMedia.Com. I am a Google Adwords Certified Individual working on SEO & PPC client projects.

 How did you become interested in Internet marketing ?

After doing my graduation in Information Technology, I was interested in doing something different. I didn’t wanted to be a typical software programmer. After some research, I came to know about this course called M.Sc. E-Business Management. At that time it was not available in India, so I did it from The University of Bedfordshire, UK. I was interested in E-Commerce and other upcoming technologies. After finishing the course, I came back to India and started my career in SEO field.

  Where do you see the SEO industry headed?

SEO is a vast field now, it’s not any more about getting on the first page of Google. Clients are more aware of the new happenings in the industry and they want increased sales. They don’t care where they rank for in Google or Bing, they want their conversions to improve. Also the game has changed from Google’s end. After the universal search and personalized search, it has become increasingly difficult to achieve higher rankings. The bottom line is, you should have user-friendly, quality website if you want to win the SEO game.

What SEO tools do you use regularly?

There are many tools I use in daily routine; Adwords Editor, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, IBP, Xenu, firefox addones like SEO4Firefox and Rankchecker to name a few.

 What on site factors do you think are most important ?

You should have proper on-page done on your site before you can start with off-page SEO. In my opinion, content is the most important onpage factor that can help you get better rankings.

What do you think about link buying and other backlink strategies ?

I think you should have the unique and powerful content that people would link to you automatically. Although for competitive industries people do buy links (You can get your site banned in Google if they find out that you have bought links to manipulate the search results.) Other link building strategies are good, e.g. you can list your website in local directories and classified sites to generate more revenue and it can get you backlinks as well. If done correctly and in proper proportion, link building can get you good results; but if you hire someone from data entry background, only God can save you!

 What SEO blogs and forums do you visit regularly ?

I regularly visit digitalpoint forums, search engine land, search engine watch, matt cuts blog, internetmarketingjournal.org (I am also one of the writers there)

For more information on Internet Marketing and SEO visit http://www.shahkaushal.com

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  1. Really nice piece of information I got from here. Thank Mia for this wonderful blog.

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