Mighty Rasing – Non – Profit Leadership

Mighty Rasing

Mighty Rasing served as the National President of the United Methodist Youth Fellowship in the Philippines from June 2006 to May 2008. Currently, Mighty is the Philippine representative of the Division on Ministries with Young People

How did you initially fund your leadership ?

Back in 2007, when I was elected as the National President of the United Methodist Youth Fellowship in the Philippines, I had to resign from a good-paying job from IBM Business Services-Philippines. It was a bold move. Something I would not do at this stage of my life. With my idealism and my passion to fuel me, I just took the plunge without thinking deeply about how I was going to support myself and earn some money for my basic needs. (Please note that the President position was an entirely volunteer position–no salary and honorarium, just expense reimbursement for organization-related costs.)

But I found ways to support myself–I became a freelance writer in Manila, writing for a academic magazine for high school students; I also discovered several online jobs for freelancers. It was difficult at first, because I had to divide my time between working to support myself and the time I needed to be working for my leadership.

I did that type of arrangement for two years. It amazes me how I survived! It was great. I did something I was passionate about. Gained new friends. Learned how to blog,learned how to make money off the internet by writing. Right now, I am being paid by the Division on Ministries with Young People as their Philippines Coordinator. On top of that, I am a blogger and still a freelance writer–both for online and offline markets.

What strategies did you use in order to gain support from the community ?

I was part of an organization with a community that supported each other and helped each other. I was so thankful to be surrounded by other good youth leaders. I just identified who these leaders were, connected with them, and asked for their support for all the major events, activities and programs that I launched. As long as I talked with them and connected with them on a professional and personal levels, it’s amazing how they respond and support my leadership.

My strategies were simple: I connect with them in person, whenever I have the chance. I send them emails and letters. Talk with them on the phone if needed. I just found out that relationships matter!

How do you use social media to build your leadership?

To enhance my skills and knowledge, I read a lot of blogs. I use Google reader to follow the blogs I like. It’s easy to use and it’s a powerful tool. I am also on Facebook, and connect with so many members of the organizations I belong to. I’m also on Twitter, where my blogposts are automatically tweeted. And I also have a blog at www.mightyrasing.com, where I post my reflections, insights and tips on transformational leadership and social entrepreneurship. Social change is important for me that’s why I could not separate the two seemingly separate topics. If we could only help young people become transformational leaders, they could become agents of positive change in the world. My task in my blog is to look for those stories to share with my readers.

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