Brian Camen – Senior Account Executive – Ogilvy 360 Degree Digital Influence

Brian Camen

Brian has recently joined Ogilvy PR’s 360 Degree Digital Influence team in Chicago as a senior account executive. Before Brian’s new position at Ogilvy, he served as a Public Relations Specialist at Thunderbird School of Global Management .

What attracted you to Ogilvy’s 360 Degree Digital Influence team?

 Joining the Ogilvy 360 Degree Digital Influence team is a great opportunity for me. I’m really excited to be on board! The opportunity to help global clients learn and progress within the digital marketing world thrills me.

It’s your first week at Ogilvy, so what are you up to ?

Learning about our clients, learning the Ogilvy way and tackling my first couple of assignments. It’s a very exciting time!

We are seeing more and more government agencies such as FEMA, FDA and Sba engaging in social media . Do you feel that the government’s use of social media may eventually be mandated ?

I think government agencies have been toying with social media for longer than most people think. But recent focus on communication efforts during emergencies has led to the advancement of social media practices within these agencies. I don’t think social media will be mandated, but more and more government agencies will continue to advance their practices.

What questions / concerns about PR & or social media have been on your mind lately ?

Good question – Not so much a question, but I’m really interested to see the progression of QR Codes in the United State. I know they’re big oversees and have been popping up more and more over here.

Check out Ogilvy PR 360 Digital Influence Blog.  Stay up to date with PR practices in the digital world. This blog is a Must Read !

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