Isobella Jade – Petite Model, Author & PR Genius

Connection # 21 Isobella Jade

Isobella Jade is a petite model, author and PR wizard ! She is the underdog we all love. Isobella is author of Almost 5’4, a memoir of a petite model overcoming the odds, which she wrote entirely in the SoHo, New York Apple Store. Isobella’s latest publication is a graphic novel, Model Life: The Journey of a Pint-Size Fashion Warrior.

Isobella, you obviously know how to market yourself both as a petite model and author. How has networking played a role in your success ?

I think networking works when your energy is spent surrounding yourself with those you can communicate with who have common interests and goals, or those who can see eye to eye with you and your vision. Being able to present yourself through an email is just as important as being able to express yourself face to face with someone. Being a communicator is a major part of getting opportunities and getting ahead with your own passion and goals. Also the free tools of the web have made it possible for anyone on any budget to find answers, put their voice out there, research and approach those who you want to connect with, within minutes. Also I think the more you believe in yourself, know yourself, know your assets, know what is interesting about yourself, the better you will become at marketing yourself.

When did you first realize that your modeling memoir had the potential to become a published book?

It is hard to “know” until you try. I wanted to tell my story, because although modeling is the basis of the book, the story is really about learning to love yourself, discovering your assets, forgiveness and overcoming the odds. I think many people can relate to those things. I focused on the heart of the book; it inspired me to publish it. Also I wrote the book when I was really broke and didn’t have a computer, and I wrote it at the Apple store, so I discovered that I had a news worthy story within my story, which I used as leverage to launch myself into the media and get some buzz. I also held an Apple store event and read a couple chapters of the memoir to people I did not know, so after sharing my story for that crowd, I started to think more seriously about publishing my memoir.

What self-promotion strategies have proven most beneficial in the publishing of your novel?

There are so many choices authors have now when it comes to publishing their book, whether they pitch literary agents, or self publish through a print-on-demand online publisher, or set up their own press, not to mention MANY ebook options as well, however no matter how you publish self-promotion is the best asset for an author.

I read the news a lot, and I notice what reporters are writing about topics that relate to me and my books and projects and I reach out to them and let them know about what I am doing. I live on Google, my own following finds me through it as well, “Search” is a major part of my self-promotion-life.

Also, simply trying. Trying is a major part about getting any opportunities when it comes to getting buzz on you or your book or business. Letting people know that you are out there, that you have a great story, product, or something to say, is important. Giving yourself a chance, trying is the most beneficial element of self-promotion. You could get a “no”, but you could also get a “yes”, and you can also turn a “no” into a “yes.” Try.

You have been an inspiration to petite models worldwide, including myself. Who or what do you go to for inspiration ?

I read a lot of biographies and memoirs about those who have created themselves and their lives, including Chanel, Andrew Carnegie, and Seabiscuit. Also I love stories of how successful companies and brands started. I love reading and discovering the roots of how something was made, the history of it, and I find inspiration in stories of those who gave themselves a chance.

Can you fill us in on what you’ve been up to lately ?

Well I got married in July and I am publishing a collection of short stories called “Short Stuff: on the job with an x-small model,” in a couple weeks, soon you should be hearing about it.

Check out Isobella’s Modeling Tips and Advice . This site is loaded with valuable information for the aspiring petite model.

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