Shannon Cavanagh – Estrada – Pitch! Press

Shannon Cavanagh – Estrada

Shannon and business partner Pam Roberts Malay are the founders of Pitch! Press. Pitch! Press is a PR company that offers fashion clients with affordable editorial and media coverage. Shannon and Pam place a large emphasis on honesty and expertise, which serve as the cornerstones of Pitch! Press’ success.

Can you give us a brief overview of how Pitch! Press was established?

Designers were asking for editorial coverage in the fashion and trade publications to build brand awareness at both a retail and wholesale level but didn’t have a budget for ‘full service representation’. My business partner and I both recognized a void in the public relations arena for: affordable pr as well as for a service that was streamlined and focused exclusively on the editorial arm of the pr process.

 I come from a full service marketing and public relations background and my business partner Pam Roberts Malay is a broadcast specialist and fashion industry expert.

We decided to join forces and create a business model unlike any other in the pr arena: focusing on pitching, sample request fulfillment, and securing editorial for apparel and accessory designers.

     Can you describe your PR strategy in 20 words or less ?                             

Pitch! is a press service for fashion industry clients seeking on-going editorial and media placement at an affordable monthly rate.

What does Pitch! Press offer to its clients that other PR practitioners may not necessarily be able to?






And, sincerity.

What are the main factors that help you differentiate one brand from another in order to market the brand accordingly?

As a company, we will not represent competing collections. We work with and take on collections we believe to be editorially savvy and can garner press.

Not all collections are necessarily a fit for all publications however. It is important when reaching out to the media that the product, style, or overall collection is something the editor and their reader will respond to.

For instance, fine jewelry may be more appropriate for lifestyle and luxury publications rather than say, Seventeen. Where graffiti inspired RTW may not be a fit for Oprah magazine, but certainly has a place in other books.

What role does transparency play in working with your clients?

We are very up front about how the pr process works. Consistency and timing is key. We cannot, nor can any publicist tell a publication what to shoot and when to shoot it.

From day one we require the proper pr tools: high quality seamless images, samples, line sheets, product updates, and being available to fulfill any last minute requests, because there are plenty!

What are some methods you use in order to assure that you tap into all potential media outlets for your clients?

We believe it’s important to recognize who the core customer is for each collection. Once that is established we can pinpoint how she gets her information in regards to fashion…. is it in the monthly glossies ? Dailies ? Online ? Our forte for the most part lies in the monthly fashion books, but that’s not to say we haven’t created successful pr campaigns online or through the newspapers.

Our goal is securing editorial and we happily, whole-heartedly, will reach out to the media outlets that are a fit for our clients in order to get it. We are a result driven duo.

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