Dr Mathew McDougall – Sinotech Group CEO

Dr Mathew McDougall

Dr Mathew McDougall founded SinoTech Group, now one of China’s largest digital performance marketing companies in 2007 after recognizing China’s need for an integrated digital advertising performance company.  SinoTech Group works with multinational and large local Chinese companies in providing; social media, search marketing and affiliate marketing solutions.

What is the startup story of SinoTech Group?

I had a vision of creating world-class technology in China and having this used around the world… this was even the basis for our company name, “SinoTech Group”. I believed that as China grew and matured it had the ability to produce innovative technology people that I could draw on in a new technology start-up. My team and I first wanted to create digital marketing technologies that focused on measurement and analytics. It appeared these solutions were lacking some 4-5 years ago and I felt we could fit this need. Since developing web analytics solutions, we have now extended in social media marketing… an interesting area that needs a set of new guidelines and approaches that we are aiming to fill.

From day one, what has been Sinotech’s objective and what were some of Sinotech’s aspirations as a startup company ?

Our number one aspiration was to build a significant company that changed the way we thought and conducted digital marketing. We have not shifted from this goal and still seek to achieve this with as much passion as we started out with some 4 years ago.

Do you feel that online media is complementing or replacing traditional media?

With the rising influence of online media, I’ve seen the shifting away from traditional media towards digital… I don’t believe digital media will ever replace the other forms such as print, press and outdoor but it is certainly gaining mainstream appeal as digital has proven to add value above and below the line.

What are some online advertising trends you recommend companies keep their eyes on as 2011 approaches?

Social media analytics: (this will become mainstream just as web analytics did in 2000). Gain understanding of brand value and sentiment through social channel analysis.

Location Based Services (LBS): Using phones and tablet devices to ‘check-in’ and you will be rewarded with vouchers and special offers in stores located close to where you are presently.

Social Commerce: the bringing together of e-commerce and social networking sites to gain significant discounts through group buying as well as recommendation engines providing discounting because of engagement with the community or brands.

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