My New Year Resolution – Monthly Resolutions

Today I read Seth Godin’s post Sadly stuck with the status quo, and it ties in fantastically with my New Year resolution.

In his post Seth describes his unpleasant experience trying to purchase a ticket on the usually user-friendly Jet Blue website. Seth assumes that at some point Jet Blue decided that their website was ” good enough . ” Seth goes on to point out that the Jet Blue site is not good enough by illustrating its flaws.

We make New Year’s resolutions because we think something about us or something we do is not good enough. New Year’s resolutions make way for improvement. But why do we make a resolution just once a year ? Is once a year good enough ? I don’t think so. Since I was sixteen I made it my New Year resolution to drastically change my life every year. Each year should be different, better than the last.

This year I’ve decided to make monthly resolutions. What if I attempted to accomplish one big goal every month, imagine how my life could transform within a year. Is it possible, definitely !

There is always something that we can improve / innovate. I have a laundry list of things that I could improve on and I can even tell you how exactly to do it, but doing it on the other hand is another story. My New Year resolution is to transform my thoughts and ideas into life changing actions with the help of monthly resolutions.

Happy New Year ! Happy New Month !

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