Jessica Mah –

Jessica Mah

My inspiration of the week comes from Jessica Mah,co-founder and CEO of , a platform that allows businesses to track their finances online. The slogan at the bottom of the website reads, ” Say hello to inDinero and goodbye to accounting! “

What were 2 of the biggest hurdles you came across while trying to launch InDinero and how did you overcome these hurdles ?

 The two biggest hurdles we had were 1) convincing investors that it was a problem worth solving, and 2) figuring out how business owners would use our product.  We first thought we’d be an easier-to-use accounting solution, but quickly found out from business owners that they didn’t want that — they were instead looking for a better way to have insights into the finances behind their business, and that complex accounting reports aren’t the best solution.  By solving this problem for a few thousand business owners, we were able to convince investors that it was a problem worth solving.

 From day one what was one thing that InDinero did to keep its ears open to users and their questions / concerns ?

A lot of startups are great at listening to customer concerns via email, their blog, or twitter, but few of them actually visit their customers in-person.  For the first few months that we were in business, I’d visit dozens of our clients at their offices, and watch them use the product first-hand.  There was no better way to learn about their problems!

 What is InDinero doing today to keep its users happy ?

We’re doing more than ever on customer service — we have live-chat, a toll-free phone number, and multiple people replying to customers even through the weekend.  We’re also working on a 1YR gathering for our customers, scheduled for July.

 I understand that InDinero receives many ( or loads actually ) of product feature requests ; how does InDinero choose which requests to fill and which requests to decline ?

We have what’s called a “product thesis” — three things that we’re focused on building, and we see if feature requests fit into the thesis.  For example, our top thesis is to “help businesses become more profitable” — and thus, any requests related to “payroll” or “invoicing” will be postponed to a later date.  We also write about our top user requests every Friday on our blog.  (

 You and your team keep the InDinero customers happy, so how do you keep the InDinero team happy

There are a lot of simple ways to keep the team happy:  give them the autonomy to do what they want to do, be transparent about the direction we’re taking the company, and take the team out on fancy outings 😛  (we’re headed to Vegas this week!)

Jessica’s blog, Mah Meet’s World , is highly entertaining, documenting her life as a young CEO. If you are looking for inspiration, I know I always am, I highly suggest you take a look at Jessica’s blog and keep your eye on this girl.

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