Tips for an A + Tomorrow : )

  • Practice your slides out loud ( Who cares if your neighbor thinks you’re crazy ! )

– I’m going to do this about 3 times. You’ll notice that each time you’ll spend less time and say less umms & likes ( watch out for those ) Writing out what you’re going to say could help too, depending on your learning / memorization style.

  • “Remember that 7 % of your impact comes from the words you say, 38 percent from your tonal quality while saying it, and 55 percent from what your body is doing while you’re saying it. ”  This tip was taken from the book HOW TO WOW, which I highly recommend.
  • If you disagree with what one of the group members says during the presentation or feel that you NEED to add something just say, “Maggie, I’d like to add something to the point you just made. ” State your point and then say something along the lines of, “Now Maggie will continue going over the SWOT analysis.” This practice is also mentioned in HOW TO WOW.
  • State the Obvious and the Why’s.

( I think we’ve got this one down )

What you think is obvious might not necessarily be obvious to your audience.

 Obvious = Chinese regard white skin as a sign of beauty.

Why’s = Our product will have an advantage because it protects the skin from the sun, thus preventing the skin from darkening.

We’ll definitely have to be keeping time in mind ( so we don’t go over ).

As long as we prepare individually tonight, all should go well.

Thanks everyone for all your good work ! : )



The above, is an email I sent to my fellow teammates at Shanghai University. We had our final project scheduled for the next day. Our job was to create a marketing plan for a brand that wanted to come into the Chinese market.

We chose to market BORBA’s SPF 100 + Sunscreen. Our presentation went fantastically . We even found a page in The Bund Magazine that we’d like our SPF 100 + to be featured on, featuring SPF lotions of varying price ranges.

A big thanks to my group members.

– Addison Litton
– Jessica Lew
– Maggie Li
– Maia Luke
– Melissa Davis

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