Oh, How I Love Change‏

If you took a look at my life, you’d see that I love change. I’m addicted to change because change gives me the opportunity to grow. Change to some degree will remain constant, so loving change has allowed me to enjoy life and the inevitable changes that come along with it. My most recent change has, as expected rejuvenated my mind and given me that  “I’m a new woman” feeling.

Yesterday I moved from my college dorm room into a new apartment in Shanghai. The apartment is beautiful and conveniently located near East Nanjing Road. I love my new space and I am soaking up all the inspiration it has to offer.

Along with moving into a new space, I’ve made some additional tweaks to my life.

  • I’m reading every morning ( before I check my e-mail ! )
  • Sunday is my fun day.
  •  I’m doing one thing per day just for the heck of it. ( sitting in a park, trying a new flavor of ice cream etc. )

Finally, I have a kitchen !

Talk about a precious gift - painted by my Chinese sister, Snow who is studying at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing

Snow gave me this painting as a Chinese New Year gift when I went to visit her in her hometown of Dezhou. We met when we were both nine years old.

“When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.”

 – Tuli Kupferberg

2 responses to “Oh, How I Love Change‏

  1. I randomly saw this blog.
    I’m doing one thing per day just for the heck of it. like*
    People need to do some random thing sometimes. 😀

    • I agree with you Andy. Doing random things keeps life interesting. These so called random activities of mine, in definition, are not random. I’m doing these activities to put pep in my step, put a smile on my face and increase my productivity. If I’m not happy or if I’m not feeling inspired I can’t work, so it is crucial that I grab inspiration from wherever I can even if that inspiration comes from an antique shop I visited on my way to lunch.

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