Asiana Airlines – Overnight Flight Complimentary Hotel Stay – I’m a Happy Customer

I recently had an excellent experience with Asiana Airlines. On June 28th I flew from Shanghai to Seoul with Asiana airlines. My flight was an overnight flight. My final destination was Chicago. I would fly from Seoul to Chicago the next day, June 29th.

When the Asiana representative first told me over the phone that my flight would be an overnight flight, I wasn’t happy. I thought that an overnight flight would be stressful and hectic. I am happy to report that was not the case. In fact my overnight flight experience was relaxing and enjoyable. It felt like a holiday. This “holiday” was completely paid for by Asiana airlines.

This is how my trip went…

June 28th

2:30 pm – Arrived at Pudong airport

After I checked my luggage I paid for my ticket. The Asiana airlines staff was friendly and helpful.

4:30 pm – Boarded my plane

The flight went well. Shortly after I took my seat a flight attendant handed me a blanket after noticing that I was feeling cold. I lost count of how many times the flight attendants came around with tea, coffee and orange juice. Our snack and dinner was served smoothly and cleaned up quickly. I recall taking flights where my finished dinner was sitting on my tray table for so long that I cleaned it up myself and placed the tray on the ground, so that I could use the table to place my laptop on.

7:30 pm – Our plane touched down in Seoul as scheduled.

I went to the Asiana counter. One of the staff members told me to wait for the shuttle bus to come and bring me to the hotel. The shuttle bus arrived 15 minutes afterwards to bring me and about 13 other passengers to the Seoul Royal hotel.

( I don’t remember how long the ride to the hotel was, but it was less than one hour. ) The hotel was lovely and clean. The hotel staff were cheerful and helpful. All of the Asiana airline passengers were given a breakfast and dinner voucher upon arrival at the front desk.

8:40 pm – I said hello to my temporary home.

Inside my hotel room

High Tech Toilet

8:45 pm – I enjoyed my complimentary dinner on the first floor of the Seoul Royal hotel.

Let's eat !

This is where I had my dinner - Vert jardin Cafe & Dining

June 29th

6:30 am – I enjoyed my complimentary breakfast on the 21st floor of the Seoul Royal hotel. While my dinner the night before was not very filling, the complimentary breakfast was a buffet – great for all of you with a healthy appetite.

SmorGas Restaurant - 21st floor

Friendly staff member tending to the breakfast buffet

Breakfast - My 1st course

Breakfast - My 2nd course

Thank you Asiana for starting my day out right !

7:00 am – I boarded the shuttle bus back to Incheon airport. The shuttle arrived around 8:00 am, 3 hours before my flight to Chicago.

My 12 hour flight from Seoul to Chicago was an equally enjoyable experience.

I don’t think Asiana airlines always uses the Seoul Royal Hotel to host their passengers on overnight flights in Seoul. You might want to ask which hotel you will be staying at so that you can read hotel reviews before agreeing to book an overnight flight.

A big thanks to Asiana airlines for making my overnight flight enjoyable. I feel very well taken care of.

I wonder how other airlines handle overnight flights. I read a review from someone whose Asiana flight was delayed for two days. They said that Asiana paid for their hotel for two nights. I was stuck in Narita airport for two days one time, but the airline I was with did not provide a hotel room for me.

What is your best or worst experience with a flight delay / overnight flight ?

3 responses to “Asiana Airlines – Overnight Flight Complimentary Hotel Stay – I’m a Happy Customer

  1. I’ve been getting tons of hits on this article. Apparently lots of you want to know what a flight with Asiana is like. A lot of people are also googling ”Asiana airlines Seoul hotel.’ I am your go – to girl. If you have any questions about Asiana or the overnight stop in Seoul. Feel free to ask. : ) I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

    Happy travels!

  2. Hi Mia, may I ask if you were an economy or business class passenger?

    • Hi Craig. I was an economy class passenger I believe. I usually always fly economy, unless I get an automatic upgrade or the rest of the flight is full. I’m pretty sure that I was flying economy class on this one.

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