I’ll make you famous if you like me – old meets new

This campaign is brilliant!

Last year Corona kicked off a killer multimedia Facebook campaign aiming to crown Corona as the “Most Liked ” light beer in America. After liking their page and uploading a picture of yourself, Corona placed your picture on their Times Square digital billboard. You got excited by the fact that you were on a Billboard in Times Square and ran to your friends to share the exciting news; ” Hey, look at me, I’m on a billboard in Times Square.” If you didn’t share the news with your friends, Corona did. Corona posted a snap shot of your appearance in Times Square on your wall for all your friends to see. What did your friends do? “I want to see my face in Times Square too, sign me up!” Now that’s what I call a smart strategy.

I would love to have been there at the thinking table. “Everyone wants to see their name in lights. Let’s make their wildest dreams come true and show them their face on a billboard in Times Square.”

Corona received quite a response. Their number of fans increased by 6,000 %; from 3,000 to almost 200,000.

Corona was clever meshing non – traditional advertising with traditional advertising. I think we’ve been so focused on ambient, non-traditional ways of advertising that we’ve completely blocked any form of traditional advertising out of our heads and marked it as “un – savvy “. Corona’s campaign is great proof that something old and something new can really complement each other. I’ll definitely be looking out for campaigns that combine traditional advertising with non-traditional advertising.

– Well done Corona!

I came across a post listing 10 of the best Facebook campaigns and was greatly inspired by Corona’s campaign. I feel a little out of the loop just finding out about it now, but nonetheless, I feel there is much to be taken away from this campaign.

One response to “I’ll make you famous if you like me – old meets new

  1. In response to a comment that I received on Facebook about this post :

    Isn’t that campaign fantastic? One thing that I do wonder though is how many of the people who liked Corona’s page actually started buying Corona Light? Gaining a greater amount of brand awareness is great, but what is it worth if brand awareness doesn’t convert into a significant amount of additional customers? For example, there could be 100 people that like my Facebook page, but if those likes don’t convert into business, have I really accomplished anything? With that said, I believe that Corona’s campaign created a deeper relationship, connection and sense of trust between every person that liked their page and Corona’s brand. – Glad you liked the post!

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