This lady knows how to impress at an interview – Meet Elaine.

I just created a new page titled ‘SUCCESS STORIES.’The excitement of seeing my clients grow and achieve their goals makes me so proud that I just can’t help but to share their stories with you.

You can find Elaine’s story on the SUCCESS STORIES page, but like a proud younger sister, I also couldn’t resist posting Elaine’s story on my front page.

Enjoy! And Elaine, you rock! Elaine is definitely a sponge, soaking up all the information that I give her and using it to better herself and her work.

This woman went from dreading interviews to knocking the socks off of her interviewer.

Meet my lovely Shanghainese client and savvy HR professional, Elaine.

Originally, I contacted Mia to improve my oral English, but after our consultation chat and an interview role play, I discovered that with Mia I would be learning much more. Not only is Mia a good English teacher, but most importantly she is a very helpful career mentor especially in the areas of interview guidance, career advancement and communication skills.

My goal was to land a position with BASF,the world’s leading chemical company.

I told Mia that the job interviews I had attended previously were not successful due to my lack of self – confidence. With Mia’s re identification, my weaknesses transitioned to my strengths. For example, potential employers were always concerned that I only had experience working for small-middle sized companies. Mia turned this perceived weakness into a strength by outlining the multiple skills sets that I developed while working for these companies and the high stress tolerance that I have developed thanks to these positions.

Mia focused on what I could do for the potential employer. With this root concern, she provided me with systematic interview questions and identified my strengths that were directly related to the job position.

After our course, Mia sent me a follow – up letter, videos and other initiative resources which helped me evaluate my situation, enrich myself and most importantly gain the confidence to land my dream job.

I’m not sure if I could have passed the three rounds of interviews without Mia’s help. With Mia’s help I passed the three rounds of interviews and landed the position with BASF. I would have still chosen Mia even if many other options were available because her value is guaranteed.

I believe Mia can help more people fulfill their goals with her expertise, enthusiasm and dream.

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