How I used Marie Forleo’s “hustle time” to gain prospect interest in 1 hour

Marie Forleo recently posted a video sharing her advice on how to prevent a business dry spell. Marie points out that some business owners sit back and ‘coast’ when business is going well, assuming that business will keep coming. When business slows down, these coasters wonder what went wrong.

To prevent your business from slowing down Marie recommends “blocking out at least one hour of hustle time each week to connect with dream clients who you really want to work with.”

On November 13th I put hustle time into practice. From 7:30 – 8:30 pm I got back in touch with previous clients  & “wanting to work with mes.” Within one hour, I already had one prospect showing interest. Within 24 hours I had two additional prospects.

Combining Marie’s hustle time and my experience here is what I recommend:

Send a personal email to previous clients / prospects

Include these elements

  • Why you’re emailing them. Be honest and specific – I’m getting in touch with previous clients to let them know that I am looking to take on new clients this week. I only have room for 5 new clients, so I wanted to give everyone a heads up.
  • News & updates. Let them know you’ve still got it going on – Share your recent partnership, new service, big client, client success story etc.
  • Ask about their business / professional life . Show your interest and concern. Ask: Are you enjoying your new position? How’s the shop going?
  • Call to action – Tell the receiver exactly what steps they need to take now if they want to be one of the 5 to work with you. Make this call to action short, sweet and simple.

For me, this one hour of hustle time yielded results. Try it out yourself! I’d love to hear your results. Leave me a comment and let me know how you spent your hour and what magic followed shortly after.

2 responses to “How I used Marie Forleo’s “hustle time” to gain prospect interest in 1 hour

  1. Congratulations Mia! Great work on implementation, and outlining fantastic steps for people to follow. Happy Holidays 🙂 xxo

    • Thanks Marie! I’m a one woman show and tips like ‘hustle time’, when used correctly, make a huge difference for my business and really increase my profits. Many, many thanks! I’m thankful for!

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