It’s a New Year! Stick to your standards. Be Great.

My New Year celebration in Chennai, India was fantastic. It was meaningful, fun – filled and definitely memorable.

Happy New Year from Chennai, India !

I’m in India visiting my friend, Peniel Prabhakaran who I introduce in this post. Her father, pastor Prabhakaran left me inspired to stick to a standard of greatness this year.

The best way I can think of to maintain a standard of greatness is to set and achieve my own standards. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts that I followed in 2011 to do this. These principles led me to start my communications business, gain international clients and receive partnership offers.

Don’t: Wait for the world’s permission to do what you love.

Do: Attract the people who you want to serve. Serve them, serve them well and use that as your credentials.

Do: Embrace your uniqueness, embrace your standards and know what your uniqueness is worth.

Last year I  gained a clearer idea of  what I’m really worth and it’s absolutely liberating. I know myself, I know what I can bring to the table, so who better to determine my wage than myself. Set your own standards, set your own wage.

I recently formed a new partnership. One of the reasons that I’m so excited to work with this partner is because they see the value that my uniqueness will add to their service offerings.

Don’t: be afraid to raise your service or product fees.

If you and your client can’t come to an agreement on pricing, then they aren’t for you and you aren’t for them. Allow yourself to move onto ideal clients who happily accept your fees.

Here are some standard setting Do’s and Don’ts that I’d like to stick to more in 2012.

Do: Get in touch with dream clients. This could be a movie star, a business guru, an entrepreneur etc.

Do: Create a vision / painted picture.

Do: Google “Cameron Herold painted picture” to discover the magic of creating a painted picture for your business. (This one’s for you!)

Don’t: Focus on why it can’t be done.

Do: Focus on why it can be done.

Staying true to your standards applies to all areas of your life, from the way you’re treated to the way you dress. If you want to wear a hot pink flower in your hair in the middle of winter (like myself) so be it! Stick to that standard. Stay true to your standards and be not OK, not fine, not good, but GREAT.

Happy New Year !

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