Big, Beautiful News + Something For You

I have some news to tell you that I’ve wanted to tell you for a while, but I wasn’t quite sure how to break the news. To be honest, I thought that inevitably sharing this news would lead to upset clients and upset prospects.

I decided to turn it around and make it all about you! Instead of upsetting you, I’m going to excite you and offer you something good.

Let me ask you this: Are you growing? Are you growing at the rate that you want to be? When I talk about growing I mean in your business / career. Are there ideas in your head and desires in your heart that you want to see come to life? If so, you’re in the right place.

I recently made two decisions that are propelling me to grow. I can relate to your need for growth and I know that it takes a big jump and a leap of faith to grow.


After working with professionals and helping them “get their genius out into the world,” I now have a deeper understanding of what holds people back from excelling and likewise, what keeps them going and pushes them on to succeed. Among the things we all need in order to achieve our big, sometimes scary, currently unbelievable goals, are these five things.

– Focus
– Clarity
– Accountability
– Support
– Love

Do you feel that you lack in any of these areas? I so strongly believe that all of us can improve in each of these five areas. These five aspects are what I provide to ambitious individuals who want to reach higher and are ready to take the next step.

I work with professionals who hold HR, managerial positions etc. with some of the world’s leading companies. These people are bright, that is for sure, but what they really needed was support, step-by-step guidance, and outside thinking to really take what they had within themselves and put it onto paper and finally, out into reality.

The results? I helped a woman land her dream job with the world’s leading chemical company. I helped a man working for one of the world’s biggest general trading companies land a big investor for his company. I’ve helped professionals give captivating presentations. I’ve taken away the “headaches” of professionals and turned them into some of their brightest moments.


“After our course, Mia sent me a follow – up letter, videos and other initiative resources which helped me evaluate my situation, enrich myself and most importantly gain the confidence to land my dream job.” – Elaine Huang

This experience is what I want to give to you. In addition, I’ve made two big decisions recently which will lift you up if we work together as well.

Here’s the first decision that I made and my big news:

I’m raising my rates!

Me on the ferry in Hong Kong glowing from joy and sunscreen. : )

Wohooo! As a business owner, I’m stoked!

Now you’re for sure thinking, “How the heck is that good for me?” Here’s your answer:

I’m offering those who sign up with me now to receive one on one coaching with me at my old rates. You will get my new and improved coaching for what I was charging in the very beginning of my private practice. How cool is that?!

This has been my policy from day one and it remains the same today. Our sessions together are satisfaction guaranteed. I will make it clear about what I expect to deliver to you. For some this might be a new job, for others it might be landing a dream client or a new investor. In any of these cases, if I don’t deliver what I promised, you will simply not have to pay for my service.

My business is my calling and I am not kidding you when I say that I am here to change lives. If you don’t get results, neither of us will be happy and let’s be honest, my business won’t even come close to reaching the level that I want it to. I know it’s corny, but your success truly is mine and likewise your failure is mine.

You can trust that I serve with my heart and this is why I happily offer a satisfaction guarantee with each and every session that I deliver.

If you want to work with me at my old rates, please express your interest as soon as possible, so that we can discuss whether or not you are a good fit for my programs. I am making this offer for the next 30 days only. As long as you sign on with me within the next 30 days, then you will be locked into my old rates for as long as you stick with me.

My new rates are about triple my old rates +. If you sign on with me within the 30 day time frame, you’ll get to work with me at my old rates and the best thing about this is, you can work with me at my old rate for as long as you need me.

Now I want to share my second decision with you. This one is big. It’s a life changer. I’ve made the decision to hire a business mentor. I’d have to get out my calendar to give you the exact date, but I WILL be working with her within the next nine months.

I made this decision because I know that in order for me to grow and expand my business that I need to have the five things that I mentioned previously in this post. Those five things again are focus, clarity, accountability, support and love.

Like me, I know that this business mentor has a laser focus on helping her clients achieve and even go beyond their business goals.

I know in my gut and in my heart that I need to work with her. I know that I need someone to pull me to the next level.

Do you need someone to pull you to the next level?

If you have a feeling right now in your gut that working with me may be what you’re supposed to do, please don’t hesitate to send me an email expressing your interest.

In your email just briefly describe your situation and what obstacles you’re currently facing that you believe are holding you back from getting where you want to be.

From there, I’ll send you a response within 24 hours, letting you know if I have the capability to help you and how we would go about doing so if we worked together. If nothing else, what you’ll receive from our communication will be some good clarity and guidance and we can all use some of that!

So remember, you have 30 days. Send that email and see how I can help you! If you just have a question about my programs, feel free to ask too.

I can’t wait to read all your emails. I look forward to giving you some clarity and helping you figure this whole thing out.

I’ll talk to you soon!

Love, Mia Salituro

For more info. about how I can help you visit my Get Your Genius Out There page.

One response to “Big, Beautiful News + Something For You

  1. Big update to this post. I’ll be announcing it later. Wohooo! Here’s to shining so brightly that you astound others. Here’s to being Extraordinarily Excellent in what you do!

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