This Is Freedom. Please Enjoy.

Far too many of us, when we think of success, think of success through someone else’s eyes. When we think of our future successful selves, we see our successful selves through someone else’s eyes. What will they see, what will they think, when they see me on TV?

Who are we trying to please anyway? I don’t want to please people, but I do want to help people. Sometimes on the route to helping people, I will displease people and I accept that.

I know what I want and I refuse to let others dictate what I want. I want to be as close to God’s vision of me as humanly possible. That’s the path I chose. That’s freedom. That’s beauty. That’s peace beyond any earthly measure.

Do you feel that too? I hope so and if not, you have something grand to look forward to. I promise you that. I promise that you have an everlasting joy waiting for you.

How do I know? Because I feel it. In fact, I feel it now as I write this. I’m writing this because I have a strong, deep, beyond me, feeling that you need this. Why else would I share my deep, intimate feelings with the entire world. I’m here for you, not me.

Don’t try squeezing yourself into the mold that the world pre-created for you. You fit perfectly into your calling from God. He knows every hair on your head. Every hair on your head fits perfectly into that mold, into that design.

If you feel that you are falling prey to a pre-determined design on your life, put yourself on check fast! Filling someone else’s shoes that you don’t even really want to fill, will not lead to fulfillment. Respect their wishes and care, but respect yourself and your God more.

Go after your meaning. Go after it with endurance. Go after it with confidence. Go after it with strength. Be persistent and hold onto your faith. You’ll need it. This is going to be a crazy, but curiously beautiful ride.

Let’s ride this journey together. Let’s share the real and the true. Be free, be you. Embrace your quirks. Embrace YOUR success.

Watch me rise. Let’s rise together. I’m here to support you.

Love, Mia Salituro

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