Really exciting update

Hey there! Thankfully, most of you are also connected to me on Facebook and Twitter, so you know about all my happenings & may even be working with me.

For those of you who are only connected to me here, I have some updates for you. : ) [While the new website is under construction]

On October 6th and 7th I attended the Most Awesome Event Ever, The Social Media Smartphone GPS Summit.

Day 1 at The Social Media Smartphone GPS Summit 2012

All of you marketing, sales, business nerds out there are going to Flip when I tell you that Gary Vaynerchuk was there! : ) Ahhh! And I got to ask him some questions and share my heart with him. Awesome!

If you don’t know Gary, you can meet him here: Gary Vaynerchuk  : )

Needless to say, I had an awesome time and am currently having fun implementing the things that I learned from the summit and I’m already seeing results.

Wearing my flower in my hair on my 1st day. : )
[Photo Credit to Sandi Krakowski’s Event Photographer]

It is my duty to continuously be learning and excelling in business, so that I can deliver to my clients up to date, superb info. that will rock their socks and get them better results than they could ever expect.

Dancing in my room! Super happy : )

I have big dreams & I will not leave here without accomplishing them. When we go after our dreams, and get out of life what we want, & give with our lives what we want, we are so much more powerful and we can then assist others in doing so as well, Such a pleasure!

Hot tub time : )

Here’s to continuously rising. Learning & Implementing. Taking Action & Putting in the Hard Work, Passion and Love that is necessary to create a Life You Love.


Joan Barice & I. Amazing Woman!

There is one sentence that Gary told me, that I am keeping forever. ❤ Thanks to his advice, I contacted someone who I never would have thought to contact otherwise. Awesome gem! Make sure to check out Gary! Super Super wisdom. ❤

And… don’t forget to come by and say Hi on Facebook And Twitter

See ya!

Love, Mia

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