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Want To Create A Better Process For Your Clients? Here’s a Tip.

Have you ever experienced this before?

You’re about to go up the escalator, possibly in a crowed subway, and there is a line in front of the escalator. It’s jam packed. If you follow the crowd and head up the escalator, you’re destined to be pushed slightly or maybe even accidentally touch someone’s butt.

I experienced this recently, not the touching someone’s butt part, but the crowded escalator scenario in general.

Interestingly enough, there was a staircase right next to the escalator. There were 2 people on the entire staircase and about 40 people on the escalator. I don’t remember exactly how long the escalator was, but it was filled to full capacity. Remember, there was also a line in addition to the full escalator.

So why weren’t people taking the stairs?

The simplest answer is, it was easier to take the escalator. People were willing to go out of their way to get to the escalator.

They preferred to wait in the long, crowded line due to the attraction and appeal of an easy ride once they hopped on board.

Side Note: I also have a suspicion that the 2 people who took the staircase may have taken it due to social pressure. Their internal dialogue may have looked something like this, ” I want to look like a no nonsense person who won’t wait in a silly line. That would be ridiculous to do when the staircase is wide open. I don’t want to feel ridiculous.”

Back on track: Do you see how you can use this experience for your business?

People will go out of their way to get easy.

The million dollar (potentially billion dollar) question here is: How can you make it easy for your clients?

I would give you some examples to start out with, but you know what, I want you to have a blank page to work with. I don’t want you to only get stuck into my ideas. I want you to embrace your own ideas.

So ask yourself, How can I make it easy for my clients?  

P.S. I’ll be helping business owners with just this. Now I’ll be using this story to explain the ‘Make It Easy’ concept to those that I work with. Imagine adding a new business model to your company that is not only easier for your clients, but easy for you too!

Get dreaming AND get DOING!

How can you make it easy for your clients? Go do it!

If you’d like to grow your business and attract more clients by making it easier for those that you serve, go take a look at my Get Your Genius Out There! page. Here you’ll find a description of my programs and packages.

If after reading through them, you feel that one of the programs may be right for you, please schedule a get acquainted call with me via email. On this call, I will answer any questions that you have about my programs. I will get to know more about you and your situation, so that we can see if I can help.

In the meantime, start making what you offer easier for your clients.

Next week, I’ll be sharing how myself and others are doing just that. Before I share these stories, I want you to be creative yourself and come up with ways that you can make it easy for those you serve.

This could change your business.

Your clients don’t want to take the stairs, they want the escalator baby!

Love, Mia Salituro